Interview Questions
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PA Programs
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The PA Facts for 2000 & 1999
Look at the side by side comparison of 2000 and 1999! Did you know:

PA's primary work setting being in the Hospital went down 1%. PA's who have a Master's went up 3% in 2000.
PA's work a mean of 45hrs a week and the median is 42hrs.
One third of PA's take call and of that the median hrs on call is 106hrs/month Up two hours from 1999.

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1998 PA Graduate National Survey
Job Market: are you wondering where the job market is going? If you have been interested in becoming a PA you will have probably done some research and found that the market for PAs has been very penurious in certain areas of the nation. In 1999 a survey was conducted by... continue

Positions Available...
Below is a listing of positions that have been submitted directly to us. You should be able to find all the contact info necessary. As you can tell it is very informal process with displaying the info. This is temporary until we get our database up to automate the process.

Immediate need for a PA in Las Vegas, NV
with substantial experience in Neurosurgery (especially head and spine trauma). The ideal candidate should be independent, and self-motivated. Will need to assist in surgery, perform usual surgical tasks (management of ventriculostomy, wounds, drains, etc.), be familiar with medical records, etc. Please fax resume or CV to 800.952.3023 or email
- Date Posted: 01/23/01

PA Salaries
The annual AAPA Physician Assistant Census Survey shows the mean total income is $68,164. This is up form 1998 by 5.2%. There were some exclusions. For example, PAs who are employed by the government and self-employed were excluded because their incomes were markedly different from the others. continue

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